Product code Size
03456 24 x 330ML

Blenheim Palace supplies its own brand of high-quality natural mineral water, sourced and bottled on the Estate. Available in 33cl and 75cl glass bottles, in sparkling and still varieties

In 2015, the Palace and Park welcomed over half a million visitors, who are drawn by the beauty and history of the “the finest view in England”.  Beneath their feet lies an ancient water source, which has supplied natural mineral water to many Kings, Queens, Dukes and Duchesses. It is said that Henry II discovered the quality of the water when hiding his mistress here, following which he built a pleasure pool for her by the side of the lake and to this day, Rosamund’s Well remains a famous landmark.

Today, Blenheim Natural Mineral Water is still produced in the heart of Blenheim Park.  It is the preferred choice in many prestigious restaurants and hotels where consistent quality and history are key brand attributes.  Blenheim Natural Mineral Water is distinct from other brands in that it is not available for retail sale.